This is our story.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that was birthed out of a faith community - Hervey Bay Baptist Church, when members asked themselves what the real needs of the Hervey Bay community are, and how could we respond to bring about positive life change.

The stark reality of Government Census reports, reports from other faith bodies and community services sector, all pointed to a community where poverty, relationship break down, unstable housing, single-parent families, low education attainment and poor role modelling, combined with intergenerational cycles of these indicators of disadvantage, were all above the Australian average. In other words, our community problems cannot be swept under the carpet, and speak right into the centre of a gospel of healing, help for the poor and marginalised, justice, redemption, reconciliation and love.

The search for response/s has led to the trialling of two distinct approaches (COACH & StreetWorks), both which involve identifying and establishing mentoring/coaching/supportive relationships with people doing life tough. These activities are unashamedly underpinned by the values demonstrated in the Bible – compassion, care, love, hope, the significance of every individual, generosity, sharing of resources, friendship with all peoples of all nations and creeds, relief of poverty, special regard for the poor, loners and foreigners and the value of never giving up hope. These values drive Kindness Works volunteers in the midst of what can seem insurmountable odds. The realisation that change happens one person at a time, and that we won’t be discouraged, but will persevere to bring about change keep the volunteers on track to show that kindness works.