Street Works


Over the years 2019/20, some of the community started supporting people who were living rough and homeless in the Torquay foreshore area.  By November 2020, a men’s support group from the Hervey Bay Baptist Church commenced a breakfast at 6.00am every Tuesday in the foreshore park at Torquay, with the purpose of meeting those doing it tough where they gathered and offering friendship and support.
By the end of 2021 gatherings of folk at the breakfast averaged 15, and at times more than 30 were attending.  By the end of 2021 our volunteers were receiving training in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and other community development practical techniques.  The idea is that everyone has strengths, and with encouragement and support can identify, use and develop their strengths to build up and empower the community around them.  The volunteer’s role is to befriend people and understand their stories, building relationships of trust and support them to achieve their own unique goals, no matter how simple or seemingly difficult at times these goals may seem.
Volunteers have expanded support from the Tuesday breakfasts to include food collection from major supermarkets and bakeries for dispersing to families in need, to provision of bedding, shelter and clothing, including swags and hygiene back packs from the Tuesday breakfast area.  People are being referred to other community services and supported to achieve their goals by the volunteers.  A supportive, empowered community is starting to emerge. 
By August 2022 the group had located a rental space to further develop the StreetWorks community work, and the Torquay “Lounge’ was birthed. 
As at December 2022 The Lounge is opened three half days per week, and a community meal held each Monday evening. The Lounge provides a quiet space off the streets and away from the boarding rooms where people can come and relax for a friendly chat, grab some hygiene supplies, food items, a swag or warm bedding or enjoy a quiet game of cards or a cuppa with friends in a safe environment.